Your Walk Tells A Lot About Your Clarity of Mind

I was watching a person walk from a distance. I couldn’t tell if they were male or female. I didn’t really even know how old they were. But I got a really good idea of the state of their health simply by their gait. They didn’t walk in a manner that most healthy people do. They lumbered from side to side. They looked slender from a distance, so I don’t believe it was obesity either.

The state of your health can be seen in a number of ways. Whether you are close for examination or far away, other people can tell. When I saw this person, it was in the early morning, and usually people have good energy in the morning for a good walk. Let me just add, that the early morning walk routine should be your most active walk.

If you are really struggling to move in the morning, which I do struggle at times too, its because of a adrenal deficiency. You may be experiencing enough chronic stress to deplete your adrenaline glands. This is not good. Most healthy people wake up refreshed and ready for an active day at the start. I feel that I can be my most productive in the morning.

I was watching the Good a Mythical Morning YouTube channel and they talked about how a certain walk can make you look most vulnerable to criminals. I found the concept interesting, but they never made it clear what the unhealthy walk was because they spent more time making fun of the walks. They just wanted to make it look entertaining, I guess.

I can tell when someone looks healthy in their walk. When your leg muscles are strong and getting good blood flow, it will show up in your walk too. You will look alert and vibrant. The people who are not feeling strong and have poor blood flow will struggle to move. They can make themselves look more vulnerable to thieves as a result.

Its sad when criminals take advantage of disadvantaged people. But, there are ways to protect yourself from being targeted. Try a good exercise program, for example. Eating healthier can help a lot too. Here is a squat strap system I made that improves my walk. After using it for a few weeks, I feel stronger and more balanced in my walks. Because my walk improved, I feel better about myself as well. My blood flows through my legs a little better and helps improve my thoughts.


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