Motivate Your Employees by Becoming Their Best Fans: Celebrity Status

One day, while working at Menards, I walked by the new guy who had been working there for a few weeks already. He started lightly chanting my name, “Travis, Travis, Travis” in a hushed voice that sounded almost like it came from a stadium. It instantly made me think about my old football days. It felt really good to hear my name chanted like that.

He did it so low-key, that I was the only one who heard it, with other people around. I told him thank you, and he said he was just messing with me. He was just a young guy, and I believe he played football on a semi-professional team. So, he most likely knew about how good it feels to have your own cheering section during a game.

I didn’t do anything special that day, as far as I remembered. It was just one of those peculiar moments that stuck in my mind almost 10 years later. I like to think about it from time to time and apply it to my imaginary sporting dominance.

Entertainers love to be applauded and cheered for. Comedians love to get the laughs. After reading Steve Harvey’s book, he talked about how can’t get enough adulation for things he does on stage. One quote, “As an entertainer, I know first hand that there nothing more gratifying than a round of applause”. Then he goes on to talk about how it would be nice if other people could share in that same feeling too.

He uses this entertainer mentality to rationalize dressing up for big occasions, everyday. Even if you are in your own home, when you go to have supper with your family, please dress up a little bit. No one likes to see a slob. It’s better to be nicely dressed and ready for any occasion, than to be poorly dressed and caught off guard. It sounds like a reasonable rationalization. He, of course, is targeting the women for this, but it can go for anybody sexuality.

So make sure that your employees are always dressed for success and treat them like celebrities. Maybe, when they come into work on time, you can announce on the loud speaker that they arrived. Everyone can be made to feel special and feel like a celebrity, which will help in their work performance.


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