If You Suffer Shoulder Pain, Then Read This

I developed chronic shoulder pains from overwork in the gym. I was doing too many of the same exercises that led to terrible injuries. My pain really started to become noticeable at age 26. I believe that day I was doing excruciating sets of flys with the dumbbells that targeted pectoral muscles. I had to stop doing the exercise because my pain came to be too much. Since then, whenever I wanted to work anything that involved shoulder work, I developed terrible pains. I worked out until the pain came to be too much and that’s when I knew to stop. Before that, I was able to push myself to the point when my muscles got too tired. It was a transition that I did not welcome, but was too confused to fully understand the problem. I tried many different exercises for relief. For a while, thought that dips were the answer, since they seemed to control the pain best. I warmed up a little more doing dips, but the pain still returned. After that, I exercised off and on for many years. The harder I worked, the more inflamed the shoulder pain came back. It wasn’t until I got too poor to afford the gym membership that I had to look at exercise in a different way. The suspension training movement was starting to come on strong and I was immediately sold on their idea. This was back about 2008, when I with a TRX suspension trainer at a gym. It was great, and I felt much more comfortable exercising outside the gym, because I can target everything with it. Unfortunately, the TRX comes up short in a lot of ways. For one thing, my shoulders still hurt after using it. I needed a better solution and started doing more research. After much thinking, I realized that the handles were the problem. They are too stable on the wrists. The shoulders are only worked in one fashion and because it was too repetitive, injuries came on. All I needed to do was create a handle that places focus on one side of the wrist. Now after using it, my shoulders experience a different kind of twisting force that takes away the pain. They feel almost as good as new and I can once again work out until my muscles get tired, rather than until shoulder pain gets to be too much. Here are the 3 ways to hold the grips: 111 111 111


I’m now starting to think that people who swing swords and sticks may not suffer a lot of should problems. They tend to be more dynamic in their movements and are able to twist and turn the should much better than someone in the gym can do. The bars and dumbbells are too evened out and set people up for injuries.  People may want to assume the pain is from working out too hard, and I want to disagree with that. It’s more about working out too hard in the wrong way. I’m willing to bet that even many Personal Trainers make that same mistake.


Here are some exercises I use for the suspension trainer that place more focus on the wrist, but that also can help the shoulders too. There are other better exercises to target shoulders, but I haven’t made a video for that yet.


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