Cats and Dogs that Poop in Cities is Acceptable. But Grass Eaters are Banned.

I don’t get it as I walk past piles and piles of poop in a city. Why don’t the pet owners obey the signs or show courtesy to their neighbors? The poop is everywhere and gets very annoying when I accidentally step in it.

Once, I stepped on a big pile of fresh dog poop when it was dark out. I couldn’t see it, but certainly could smell it when I walked into my apartment. When i turned the lights on, I saw the dark splotches on the carpet. I saw a big pad of poop flattened on the bottom of my shoes, bulging at the sides, compressed deep into the grooves. I had to throw my shoes outside and leave there for a week.

I am amazed at the ordinances that welcome cats and dogs. Too many people try to treat these pets as though they are human. They are very engaging with us and we, as humans, interpret that as love. But these animals are predators developed close set eyes similar to us because they are stalkers. They hunt other animals.

What was going on when city councils debated which animals to allow in the cities? Did they choose dogs and cats because they seemed to be much more dependent on humans? Maybe they felt that dogs and cats were less likely to run away because they loved the free meat from their human masters too much.

A grass eater is more likely to run away, largely because it is more independent. What exactly does it need a human for? Grass and vegetation is everywhere. A human needs to use other methods to control the grass eater beyond trying to feed it. Using food as a method of discipline is more effective for the meat eaters.

I know one woman who keeps a Great Dane in her apartment because its as close to having a horse in the city as she is allowed.

I don’t think its fair to argue that grass eaters are less sanitary than dogs and cats. The current pet owners in this nation are very irresponsible about picking up dog crap. It seems that many of them rationalize that as long as the poop lands somewhere in grass, it is perfectly natural to leave it there. I’m sure most pet owners do not accept their dogs poop to stay on sidewalks and roads right? They have some standards, at least.

It’s too bad that society has come to the point where we treat herbivores like they are just a piece of meat and nothing more. They are much more efficient pets to have around, especially if you have a size able yard. But, the intimacy that humans want to find in herbivores is not quite the same as it is with carnivores. That’s too bad. How desperate are we for intimacy when we let being reasonable go out the window?


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