If You Have Aspergers or Autism Do Not Even Try to own a Home.

You will most likely get depressed like me. I hated myself for having bought my house and owning it for 8 years. I couldn’t feel much happiness with it. I had all the security in the world being able to hide behind the walls, but that was not satisfying.

Walls and roofs don’t seem to lift spirits as much as I expected them to. However, if you are to live in Wisconsin year round, the walls and roofs are essential for survival. I can recall some nasty winters where I couldn’t keep my walls warm enough. When temps were dropping to -30 F, the walls felt ice cold. The air was so dry, I could barely breathe either. That was when I appreciated the house a little more.

Even in the summer time, I would huddle around my dehumidifier in the basement. I became a bit of a Hermit in the extreme climate. But that just what an extreme climate does to you. You need relief and if your shelter can provide your relief, then that will lift your spirits.

But what do you do when the weather feels fine and tolerable? You detest being trapped within your castle. You question what better things you could be doing with your time besides sitting on the Internet in your home. I spent many hours asking the Internet what I could better do with my time.

For a while, I took up learning about wild edibles. I would go out on adventures into the woods and look for leaves, flowers, berries and roots that I could safely nibble on. Sometimes I made a good guess, and other times I made a bad guess. I was hoping that I could cure my depression with herbal therapy, but instead I made things a little worse for myself.

I wasn’t prepared for the boredom that home ownership brings. After you buy the home, it still just sits there. The property becomes very predictable and all too familiar. When I needed to explore different things, sitting on this property for so many years was not my best solution, especially in Wisconsin. If you want to learn about mental illness, find a property owner in Wisconsin. They have to be in a completely different mindset to endure all that boredom in their homes through the long winters and muggy summers.

After selling my home, I felt a huge sigh of relief. But then what is the next step? Renting. Unfortunately, renting has been a bad experience for me as well. There are many terrible landlords out there. I think they suffer the same mental illnesses as well. They confine themselves to a property that is extremely boring and just sit on it with some strange sense of hope that it will appreciate enough later to make them wealthy. That is a very different mindset to have which can work against logic.

Just look at the Housing Market Crisis. What people thought made sense with value, mortgages, rental rates and such went out the window with the realization that their housing values are really arbitrary and decided by scams and taxes.

I have been homeless for over a year now, and I feel a lot more freedom than I did while owning a house. I chose to leave Wisconsin and live in the much more stable climate of Washington. The whole west coast has a pretty stable climate and it feels like one huge home to me. I’m surprised more people don’t live out in these conditions.



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