Why Haven’t We Bred Pets That Live as Long as Humans?

You could go for a large pet parrot or tortise 07/14 17:23

to live as long as you.
Personally, as hard as it is 07/14 17:43

I am grateful that my pets will likely go before me. I would not like to leave them.
I would think that with dogs and cats 07/14 17:46

We would have to dramatically decrease their rate of reproduction.

For me though, they live on in the love I have for them.
I probably wouldn’t want a pet like that as 07/14 17:50

cool as it sounds in theory. As painful as it is to lose a pet or anyone in my life, I already worry about what will happen to my SO or other loved ones if something happens to me first. I worry about my pets and try to make plans for the “in case” so mine have 2 sets of planned caretakers.

I know too, I wasn’t that responsible as a teen and didn’t think ahead like that. Even in my 20’s I didn’t think about it much when I acquired pets. (I’m sure some people are more mature than I was.) So, if I had acquired a cat or dog when I was 20 and it could have lived to be 55, I doubt I’d still have it today after multiple life changes, relationships, moves, etc. Just my thoughts on it.
For starters, you’d only have a tiny 07/14 17:51

window in life in which to experience having a baby pet, without it being irresponsible because you’d be certain to die before them.
Their shorter lives 07/14 18:11

are a good lesson in mourning and moving on.

There would be even more pets in need of homes 07/14 19:19

and killed each year due to lack of homes. The implications of longer lived pets would be devastating. Though I love the idea of having my dogs my whole life I have learned different lessons from each of them.



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