The Vanderbilt Thinking Cap is On the Right Path Towards Improving Health

Although, I disagree with using electrical currents on the brain as the only option. I believe that magnets when in motion across the surface of the skin can create enough Eddy Effect to help stimulate our own electrical signals. What Vanderbilt is trying to do is make the human more dependent upon electricity by providing it for them. They are essentially trying to turn people into Cyborgs.

I have sewn magnets into my baseball cap and found that the more I put in it, the better my brain feels. Here, I made a video a couple years ago on the subject:

That hat only lasted a few years and the magnets pretty much rusted out. I have been relying on my magnet necklaces instead until I get around to sewing another one:

I came across the Vanderbilt study from the Popular Science Aug 14 issue on page 33. You can type “Vanderbilt thinking cap” and find more information that they might have.

I believe that by incorporating our electrical therapy with herbal therapy, we can improve our health and essentially our brains, especially during times of academic stress. What Vanderbilt is doing, in my opinion, is improving Emotional Intelligence. What EI means to me is having a calm mind while being tested. When people get extremely nervous, it’s hard to thinking clearly and make the right decisions. By improving the electrical flow, we can improving the flow of our thinking.

Vanderbilt can learn a lot from the discipline of Acupuncture. They will also send electrical currents through the body in targeted areas to affect positive results. There was one story that surprised me where they performed a heart operation in South Korea without any drugs. They simply used the electric needles.

Perhaps, people can find a way to trade between magnets and electrical charges, just like they trade between herbs and drugs. It’s the electrical / chemical balancing act that we perform. It’s not easy and takes a lot of training.

On a side note, I read Cornelius Vanderbilt biography, The First Tycoon. Towards the end of his life, in the 1870s, he requested the electrical doctors, because he had good experience with them. He was on to something then, even though they couldn’t save him, he did live to about 87 or or so. Vandebilt will be honoring his memory by performing these studies.


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