Homeless Guy Tours of the Dilapidated and Abandoned; This one needs some love

This one looks beyond repair. The people who lived out here certainly must have enjoyed the outdoors more than being indoors. It is a small house in a part of Washington that isn’t populated by many people. It seems to me that the house was abandoned a little prematurely. It’s not like it was abandoned in 2007 from the Housing Marketing crash either, it looks more like it was abandoned before that. But, the vegetation of Washington grows fast and I shouldn’t be surprised if it more recent than I thought. My guess is more like 2003.

I don’t understand why the roof is half missing. There doesn’t appear to be any major damage to the structure. it’s almost as though it was designed to be someones cabin and may have been neglected from lack of use from lack of visitings.

There is a river nearby, which would explain the boat in their yeard. There, also is a sizeable cow pasture. The whole area is pretty much farmland. Everything is very natural looking like the people show nature a little more respect in this area. The area is called Rosburg, WA and you can find it on Google Maps.


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