I Never Used Megaupload Because I was Burned out by Previous Services

After listening to 60 minutes, I believe that Megaupload was picked on for the way he was, too. 60 Minutes did a bad job failing to bring out the other competitors to Megaupload. I was using file sharing sites like Bearshare, Morpheus, Kazaa, BitTorrent, and so on before Megaupload.

None of the other software were as open about their personal life as Megaupload was. He worked just as hard promoting himself as much as his website. I never knew who any of the other website owners were. They maintained obscurity and secrecy which helped protect them from the government. Because Kim Dotcom brought himself into the public as the owner, the Federal government had a target to go after.

Time and time again, the government will go after faces more than any other kind of operation. I think their security policy goes that without a face, it just doesn’t exist or it will have a short life anyway.

In the old days, the police always had a face to arrest. Without being able to ID who was behind the veil of activity, the police could do nothing. They have to bring information about a person to the courts to seek permission to go through their belongings, it seems.

I used the other file sharing services before Megaupload and eventually grew tired of watching so many free movies and listening to so much free music. It all caught up with me eventually. I listened to so much music that at age 38, I failed my hearing test for CDL driving. My hearing is no longer good enough for commercial driving. I have to blame too much loud music on headphones and such.

Too much media has had a negative consequence on my senses. I overtaxed my ears and undertaxed my feel, and smell senses. I was addicted to gaining more free media, for the time though. It was exciting, but unfortunately it all came at a cost. Isn’t that just the way life works anyway? To gain something, we have to give something in return.

I base a lot of my computer use on addiction. I have a fixation and addiction problem to the media. i overuse and abuse my privileges with it. What kind of person spends 8+ hours on a computer? Me, that’s who. I had to see and hear everything. But, there is so much more to feel, smell and taste. I thought I would be ok with trying to imagine what something smelled and felt like, but it’s just not the same.

Even though Megaupload is gone, there are plenty of websites to take it’s place. For example, Popcorn Time:

The “illegal downloading” is just a constantly evolving realm. Plus, it has to compete with the people who can make their own movies and music. I have made hundreds of my own songs now. I don’t need to illegally download a song, when I can make one that sounds similar to it and be satisfied.

Also, I can easily make my own movies and act out the scenes, if I desire. Plus, by making my own videos, I can constantly update the content too. A movie is static and finished in the state it’s in. My videos can constantl evolve on a daily basis. Also, it’s nice to watch other peoples new content too. I really enjoy watching reality and people playing games. A movie can’t beat that.


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