How Much Would Your Diet Budget Have to be For You To Lose Weight? $100? $150? Try $189 per month

I am allotted $189 per month for EBT food Stamps. Recently, my personal cash reserve got dangerously low, so I had to make some adjustments in my diet to preserve the little cash I have left. I decided to live only on the Food Stamp money each month for food.

It all came crashing down on me halfway through last month where I, once again, blew through the $189 within 2 weeks. So, the last two weeks until renewal was very difficult to endure. I was overeating and then under eating. My body doesn’t like either extreme very much.

After my EBT renewed, I pledged for this next month to watch how much I eat even closer. So far, I think I’m doing pretty good. I still have about $120 in the account and it has to last me until August 2. I figured that my food allotment adds up to about $6 per day. So, that can give me one good, cheap meal per day.

I think the cheapest and easiest food stuff to buy at the grocery stores are the $2 frozen veggies. They slow down my eating because I have to wait for them to thaw, then they are pretty tasteless too. So I don’t get too excited about finishing them, but I choke them down anyway. They aren’t no delicious bananas and peanut butter, but they will do.

I feel a little lighter on my feet after over 3 weeks of the budgeted reduced diet. I may also be a little weaker, but that it is ok. How many homeless people need to be very muscular anyway?

I am coming down from 239 lbs. and it might be working. I think a female who is even as large as 150 pounds may find she cannot eat the whole $189 per month. So, for me its diet time, but a small female it could be an opportunity to put on more weight.

Either way, if someone wants to lose weight, they should look at a food budget to shoot for. Mine has been forced upon me. If you want to be successful in losing weight, its best to take my approach. Let me know if you want help. 🙂


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