How Does Advertising Work on Youtube? The Rates Fluctuate. They Buffer for Viral Videos

I can’t help but notice a slight change in Youtube Adsense. I look a lot for any changes to get an idea of what is going on with the program. There was a surprising stagnation and decline that occurred with my Adsense estimates that was made very clear. I made video about the 9gag reaction pics and memes to the recent win of Germany over Brazil. My views got up over 100 in a few days, which is good for me, but the Youtube estimate only came out to be a penny, which was surprising. I thought the payout would be better, especially in comparison to my other videos.

I have one video that get a steady stream of 100 views each month that was paying $1 each month. It was a little skatepark video. But recently, the payout cut in half to 50 cents with the same amount of views. I think the value of the search word went down. Perhaps some advertisers stopped choosing the word.

I noticed, at the same time, my Having Sex Next to the Homeless Guy video started to generate 6 cents per month. So, I think Youtube got some new advertisers who are paying less for sex videos now. The “having sex” search string looks to be very popular for some reason.

Overall, my monthly estimate is surprisingly going down. Since, I haven’t gotten any personal notification that I’m in violation of anything, I think that Yahoo lost some larger paying advertisers recently. I wonder if other people are being affected by this?

The only way that Youtube can make money is if advertisers are willing to pay. Then, Youtube shares in the profis with content creators. You know what seems strange to me, is another thing changed recently too.Youtube just started with new Content Creator Tools. Would they have taken a larger cut for themselves with this extra service? That would be interesting. The timing is recent with everything. The New content creation tools and Adsense payouts dropping to low levels within about about a week from each other.

It would be nice to know when Youtube takes bigger cuts for themselves, because I need to know if it’s still worth trying to make vids on the website.

They have a new competitor on the scene called Younow that is about livestreaming. Companies may be looking into ways to advertise on that. It could be more attractive for people to broadcast themselves on Younow rather than Youtube.

One more concern: Does Youtube brace the advertising for the viral effects? I would think they drop the value of the word for a few hours to cushion the sudden rush in search results so people don’t realize the full potential payout. The viral effect can wipeout some advertisers budgets, if they set their thresh hold too high.


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