What is the Younow App? Read the Terms of Service or Get Banned.

Ok, so I read about the app on 4chan b/. Multiple people or one very annoying person kept insisting we all go check out the app. So I did what the anon said and downloaded it. There is not a version for iPad, just iPhone. I downloaded it on my iPad anyway. It is supposed to be optimized for iphone 5, which shows how tech is progressing.

After tapping on it, I started hearing a voice. I didn’t know what was going on, someone was just talking. Apparently, they throw you right into a live broadcast at the start. It really has a way putting you into some kind of video cast. It was an young English girl and she was thanking her fans and trying to sing or something.

Looking back, I can say that she was just broadcasting herself live. If someone was recording her, that’s on them. But for me, I can’t go back and rematch her. Everything was live and fresh. No vid cast is the same from one day to the next. I find it interesting with all the recording people do these days. This app will just broadcast in real time and then it’s all over. The same went for the other girls and guys on the app.

There is a coin system, I don’t quite understand. You earn more coins somehow and you spend coins by giving likes. I have a feeling that the app owners are devising a way to make the coin system profitable. I think they might be on to something.

When I read the reviews, the one stars opinions were hilarious. Most of them were banned for a year, so decided to complain about that. Apparently, asking a girl to twerk can get you banned for a year. There are plenty of other ways to get banned. Multiple people were banned and they didn’t even know why. They were getting really upset about the system though.

This app is really giving kids an opportunity to make themselves vulnerable. So, having strong anti bully policies in place is important. I bet the Terms of Service is very strict and worth reading.



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