Do Silicon Valley Nerds Desire Organic Lifestyles? Computers only engage 2 out of our 5 senses.

After seeing an ad on Craigslist out of Silicon Valley by someone looking for a beekeeping club, it got me wondering -what is the dark side to this techno suburbia. There certainly must be some reservations about such a rapid growth in technology. People must be burned out talking about technology all day. Without a good balance in life, people can get weird and lose touch with their human selves.

Did you know there was a time when most humans only knew farming? They were getting burned out from farm chores. My grandma has repeatedly said that she would rather wrestle a machine at factory than a cow on the farm. So, in a way, our ancestors really wanted to separate themselves further from animal care. The technological advances were not thrust upon us, the majority of people welcomed and embraced new tech upgrades.

But after witnessing so much advancement, many people don’t understand where we came from. After all, the Silicon Valley used to be prime farmland before the landscape changed everything. Is technological advancement really heading in the right direction. To find that answer, we need to take a step or two back and play in the Beta modes.

I don’t mean like playing older versions of Minecraft either. That will teach you about where The game began. These days you have to immerse yourself in a museum and see on display what the early tools looked like. Read about the early pioneers to understand what they did to survive.

We need a balance in understanding the natural part of our lives. What does it take to grow a tomato? Do farm animals really smell as bad as people say they do? You can truly benefit by experiencing the sight, smell, and sounds of different kids of farms. No matter what you watch on YouTube, it can’t train your olfactory senses or even your sense of touch. In some cases, you can’t taste the farm life either. YouTube only appeals to 2 out of the 5 senses.

The YouTube experience still cannot teach you as completely as you might desire for it to. Imagination will falter from the lack of sensory experiences. You really have to travel to other places to help engage your full 5 senses to maximize your learning experience. Words, videos, and pics can’t replace touch.

I believe the wearable tech may help us engage with the environment a little more and still allow us to stay connected to the Internet. The days of sitting at a desk computer look like they are coming to an end. Smelling the same thing every day in a stuffy room can’t be very healthy. It truly is best to stay mobile. One of the best ways to to stay mobile is interacting more with the land and learning about farming techniques. That is something that Silicon Valley residents may be learning the hard way.


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