Adventures in Scamming: I’m Going to Vanilla Reload all Over Your Face.

Hello, Sir/ma’am, might I trouble you for a minute of your time? You see, I have a most excellent proposition to offer that will be very enticing if I can have your full attention. I understand that times are tough and any money that comes out of your pocket would be a hardship that you can’t bear right now. But what if I can promise that any money coming out of your pocket will most assuredly double, triple and quadruple in size in the matter of an instant.

My story is that I was very poor because the rich people kept me down for so long. Then I grew angry with their corruption and after working in a finance job for several years, I learned the tricks to their trades with added secrets. I bring to you full knowledge on how to get back at the rich people for what they have done to us. All you need to do is give me a small pittance of your good faith to show me that you are willing to commit to this simple transaction.

The process is easy. you will have to purchase a vanilla reload network pak from any store that has them available like cvs, walgreen, walmart, 7-11 etc. once you have card, with certain info given to me like store location amount and number i can go into our database find your card in our system manipulate the numbers in your favor and verify the change so say if you loaded 100 on card your final balance will be 1000 . i only charge 20% and you will have to wire my cut via western union.

Sounds easy enough right? Let me know if you have any further questions đŸ™‚



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