How Did Germany Do it on the Soccer Field? Brazil didn’t stand a chance with their strategy.

Brazil Cries Themselves To Sleep Last Night 07/09 07:54

I don’t understand what happened. Germany scored 5 goals in the first 25 minutes?

Who is Germany’s star player? Or do they have a better strategy, called Blitzcrieg?
Germany has many stars, they have great strategy 07/09 07:58

but it wasn’t just that. Brazil did not adapt themselves to play against Germany, instead they tried their usually attacking style of play without their two best players on both offense & defense.

That is a recipe for disaster and we saw it unfold before our very eyes. I wouldn’t expect a blowout in the final, maybe a lot of goals, but certainly not an ass-kicking like that. Something like the Germany/Ghana game would be awesome.

So true, too much focus on neymar, marcelo 07/09 08:48

taking the shots was so stupid, he shoulda focused onhis defensive assignments.

Thye played scared and ball watched themselves to death after the first goal.

Ballach talked about that, you felt aftera first goal deficit, they would pull themselves up and play their asses off, but the opposite happened. No trust in themselves.
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Anne Frank put up more of a fight against § 07/09 08:09
4 goals in 6 minutes 07/09 08:43

now THAT’S what I like!
Brazil blew it defensively with 3 on back line § 07/09 09:25


After reading the debate a little bit, I have to wonder if the huge German defeat was a political move to prevent Brazilians from rioting on the streets. They were distraught from the wide loss and more saddened than angered. Imagine if the score was close, you would have a lot of excited Brazilians running through the streets tearing things up. But because the defeat was so mighty, maybe this can help preserve the sanctity of the city. It’s just a thought though. Sports are supposed to be very genuine and unpredictable, so it’s hard to tell.

However, by the way people talk, it sounded like the Brazilians have a tendency to riot when they feel things aren’t going their way.


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