Dynamic Squat Options to Stay Motivated for Building Strong Legs

Here are some ideas I will put together here for you. They are entirely based on playing around with straps. Ideally they should all be adjustable, but I have only figured out how to make one adjustable. The way I cut and sewed the straps have allowed for me to place force against my legs for a better squat performance. It’s more than simply squatting down and standing back up.

Let me also say I haven’t figured out any effective system for performing lunges. I would love to put something together that is easy to use and fun for that. But that needs more work to develop properly.

Here is my first attempt at a squat strap. It prevents you from locking your knees out at the top. Many people want to rest at the top of the squat. To prevent yourself from resting at the top is a big benefit for leg work:

Not being happy with the first attempt, largely because I desire it to be adjustable I made another one here:

So, with the original strap designs I can stop myself from locking my knees out at the top. But, I got more interested in trying to add a little extra challenge for the squat. I wanted it to remain very portable, so working against my biceps became a central theme. So, I came up with this:

Then, playing around with the X Squat Strap, I decided to start incorporating it with my homemade suspension trainer. The suspension trainer allows me to lean back a little bit, which takes force away from the butt and puts it on the upper thighs, around the knee. The suspension trainer isn’t essential though, but nice to use when an anchor point is available:

Here I attach the Suspension Trainer to a better focal point for a better feel with the exercise. I like it a lot, but it’s still a work in progress:


As you can see, there was a progression to arrive at my corrunt style of working out. i need to stay mobile and have the option to exercise anywhere that is convenient. I cannot rely on a gym to get in a good workout, although, these can supplement some exercises at the gym if you please. I have seen many TRX suspension trainers at gyms, when they were more designed to be used for outdoors and mobile people.


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