The Food Stamp or EBT Program is Designed to Reward Smaller People

I found myself running out of my $189 Food Stamps within 2 weeks. Then I go through a process of starvation until the next money is available. The reason that I run out so quickly could be because I am 235 pounds. I also like to exercise frequently. The combination of being heavy and burning calories causes me to desire extra calories.

I don’t like to call myself obese, but I could stand to lose a little weight. That is where the Food Stamp program can come in handily. If you try to live by the nutrition standards for EBT, there is a good chance you will lose weight because you simply run out of money. The perfect diet is the financially controlled one.

But what if you are underweight? If you are 100 pounds and try to spend all the food money, you could gain some weight, I’m not sure. The program is a way to balance everyone’s weight out to one standard. That was their ideal goal, but more unintended consequences are occurring.

For me, I’m losing weight by reducing my eating. I am encouraged to run to a Food Bank, but they tend to be well-hidden and are only open for an hour each week. This will force a line of other people to wait behind. Surprisingly, people who wait in line get a little competitive too. I have seen one guy bring a chair and sit for 3 hours before a Food Bank opened.

For the lower weight, smaller eaters, they save money. If they don’t eat all of their food, they are not going to let their money go to waste. They will buy food for other people. The news has picked this up as a scam. They find the tiny ladies who will stock up on Food Stamp food and say that people are taking advantage of the program. But not everyone is 100 pounds.

I have to wonder if the Food Stamp program was designed to encourage a roughly 200 pound man and 100 pound female to live together. Then, the 100 pound female supply the heavier male with food money she couldn’t spend on herself. If that is the ideal relationship the government is trying to encourage, I am subsequently failing the government ideal.

I don’t get how people argue that the $189 is just a supplement. For me, it is a very strict supplement, but for other people, it encompasses their entire food budget. The smaller people don’t have to worry about running from Food Bank to Food a Bank to keep nourished.

Last month I ran out of money after 2 weeks, and then went through the last 2 weeks of starving, waiting for more money. I lost a little weight in the process. It has been a learning experience that really resonates with my stomach. I question whether the grocery store prices are too high? Am I buying the wrong things? What does the government expect me to buy so that I can subsist on the Food Stamps?

This month, I am working even harder on eating less so that I can keep my food budget within the $189. It should go a little easier, after getting through the starvation process of last month. I know the government doesn’t want to starve the poor, but they don’t want us getting fat off their money. It makes sense. I will abide by their standards, but I still have to be wary of the Grocery store managers prices as well. It will be a delicate line to walk on.


One thought on “The Food Stamp or EBT Program is Designed to Reward Smaller People

  1. I buy meat in $20.00 boxes at Bashas and Food City that have 4 small packs of meats in them. It’s about 1 pound thin beef steaks, 1 1/2 lbs of ground beef, 2 1/2 lbs pork chops & 2 1/2 lbs of boneless skinless chicken breast. I buy 8 of these boxes for $160 to provide meat for my family of 5’s dinners for 32 days! I can save another $80 if we eat meat only every other dinner. I use the rest for milk, bread, eggs, cereals, oats, pastas, beans, rice, seasonings & sauces, olive oil and frozen vegetables. I also budget for at least one bag of chips per week for my 3 kids to share. (I portion the chips in small zipper bags to make sure they last.) You have to look for bargains (provided you have available transportation to shop at more than the store closest to you!) in order to stretch your food dollars. It can be tough to find the right deals, but they’re out there. Good luck in your future shopping!

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