Disability Claims Go Up Because Regulations Give People Little Choice

There is a government stranglehold on how we should live our lives. The cities set the living standard very high and enforce it ruthlessly in every city that I have been in. The whole system is set up to force people to live in homes. If you try to relax out in public either someone calls the cops or they stop to harass you anyway, without permission.

If the standard is to drive people to hide their shame in some kind of a dwelling, then it will cost a large chunk of their income, savings, or borrowings to do so. The money to reach an expected standard of living is quite high right now. Many people get desperate for the money and when begging from other people fails (and it usually does), then they have to turn to the government.

I have to ask what the government can do to bail me out. What are the newest programs they have for the poor? There is no welfare anymore? Well, what’s next? disability? Sure, what do I need to do to get it? I do feel a little depressed from not getting employed, on top of that, getting fired from temp work.

If I want to keep my costs down so I don’t have to pursue Federal money, I go homeless. But the City Councils hate homeless people because they pay no property tax, which is the main source of their paychecks. Property tax pays for the cops, fire department, hospital, streets, parks, everything. They get nothing from the homeless except the income from their Food Stamps, which trickles out of the Federal pot.

The City Councils set strong policies against using their lands without anyone paying for it. They know about the importance of making money, but they use the police to enforce people to pay. You shake down weak people enough, and they are going to look harder for money. That is causing the psychological damage to people. If the cops feel like the homeless person was resisting arrest, then maybe they can give them a real excuse to claim disability with the Federal program.

But this is a failed cycle of money flow. All cities pay to the Feds in some way. If they force people to seek Disability to pay for housing, that is causing a misdirection of money flow. As more people claim disability from the Feds, the cities may benefits with property taxes, but then the Feds lose more money. Eventually, the Feds will need to get their percentage of money corrected, and in the end, the cities lose even more.

The ordinances need to loosen up about people hanging out in public. The rich don’t want to pay for the poor, yet they don’t want to loosen up the regulations either. As more people break more ordinances or push the limits of the law to make a living, some bubble will have to burst.


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