People Are Lazy Because Regulations Prevent Hard Work

We have been coded, regulated, ordinanced, criminalized and licensed into laziness. I hear a lot of old men blaming young people for being lazy. But these same old men created barriers to perform hard work -does that sound incredible?

Take commercial trucking, for example. It wasn’t until the 1980s that people needed a special license for it. Now, if you are caught without one, you can get a big fine and possibly go to jail. Before the heavy regulations, anyone could drive a truck with a little experience.

Today, the DOT physical fitness requirements for a CDL are very similar to military requirements. You need to be young and in very good health to drive. Since I am older now, at 38, I failed the physical and am no longer eligible to drive a semi truck. I fail my hearing test by a decibel and considered tone def, even though I can hear regular conversations.

Other reasons why the regulations stagnated industry revolve around the conservation movement. This started in the 1980s and was a bigger step above efforts to protect the environment earlier. Many jobs were eliminated -particularly ones in the lumber industry. They had a spotted owl regulation that happened upon them suddenly, which shut down a lot of work.

We require perfect criminal records to be employed. We need our Nationalization status confirmed. We sometimes have to take personality tests. This is all to just dig a hole in the ground, because they are burying us with policies. Wage work has been so heavily regulated, it had caused stagnation in the economy. Other countries have picked up the slack with their unethical labor practices.

If regulation could be reset back to 1900, you would find the US business could be competitive again. Forget the meat packing industry book. Forget child labor laws and regular labor laws. The labor is too regulated for businesses to handle now. Now, we have very little freedom to hold on to.

On the opposite side, with regulation, we have a very hard time trying to practice homesteading. The laws and policies make any lifestyle very difficult. Thanks to more cameras, those strict policies can be enforced more effectively too.

Back during WW2 16 year old kids were sneaking into the military


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