Review: NPR Economy Podcast; It puts a strong focus on the lower working class.

Many times, this podcast will echo the same story from the NPR Most Emailed Stories podcast, which happens about once per week. But, they will do that if the story seems similar between them. One is very general and open-ended podcasts, while Economy focuses on the labor force.

Economy will also cross stories with Planet Money as well sometimes. I will hear the same story replayed between them. They don’t put any hint that they cross stories between podcasts in their notes. You have to find out as you listen. It’s a little annoying at times. How important is it that they fill up podcast time anyway? If they don’t have their own story, there is no need to plant other podcast stories in.

NPR said that they would be putting more emphasis on the working poor with their stories. They said this is because the economy is sluggish. I have been listening to their podcast off and on for almost 2 years. Even though I listened to them that long, I can’t remember what their format normally was. But it’s very easy to simply go back and listen to old episodes at any time.

NPR will cover the labor force around the world and not just in the US. So, if they can’t find a poor enough story in the US for their weekly deadline, it’s quite easy to look in another country. Plenty of people struggle pretty badly outside the US. One lady in Belgium is dumpster diving because the groceries throw away too many edible foods.

I don’t feel this podcast may be much of an investors podcast to learn what markets are hot. That would be more up the Motley Fools alley. Instead, the common blue collar workers can hear about how much other workers are struggling and feel like no one can rise from the deplorable working life.

NPR Economy surely puts a damper on the outlook for business. You give them a rose and they look for the thorns. It’s a nice break from all the promises that other businesses sources make. If you want to digest more balancing content with a different view of the economy, this is a good podcast to do that.

They submit about 2 short podcasts per week, whenever they feel they have enough stories collected to cover a 15 to 25 minutes show. I think it’s funny how there is no indication that the episode is done. They just go quiet. They don’t have any fancy intro music nor outtro music. They just lump a few stories together and call it a show.


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