Want to see the Difference Between Wisconsin and Washington Weather on my Face?

This video, from Washington, is me sitting in my car in almost 90 degree heat. I am not sweating, everything is hot to the touch. I feel ok with the heat, although I do hate the sun. Besides the direct sunlight, this heat is very manageable:


Here I made some commentary about a very nasty hot day, in about the high 80s in Wisconsin. Each day is just as sunny and hot between the 2 states. Yet, I feel a lot more miserable in Wisconsin:

Wisconsin has their humidity backwards. It should by dry in the summer and wet in the winter. I don’t get it. Either way, the environment of Wisconsin is horrible. I don’t know how people do it. I will say that people do seem a little more agitated in general. I know it’s not their fault. You can’t help being influenced by such an extreme and backwards climate.


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