The Rain Shadow Effect On The Olympic Mountains is Awesome, Arid and Perfect for Lavender

I can sit in the Walmart parking lot of Sequim, WA and watch the clouds roll down the mountains, Many of these clouds that finally make it over the majestic mountains have been squeezed dry, which is amazing. The mountain tends to maintain a snow capped peak year round because of its amazing elevation. The rain clouds barely stand a chance to make it over them, let alone, around them.

However, on the other side of the Olympic mountains, you find Forks or Amanda Park. These areas can sometimes experience over a foot of rain each month. The whole area is a temperate rain forest, which the government is fighting to protect. There is a big debate called Olympic Wild where the government wants to control more land even further down the mountain. I’m unsure if the government wants to evict Amanda Park or Forks. But I did hear that an old President Franklin Roosevelt evicted colonists in the 1930s from areas around Forks.

Forks is truly a Rain Forest. If you walk among the trees, you will be mystified by its grandeur. There is nothing like its appeal in the US. Check out old lumberjack photos of Washington. Then compare them to Wisconsin. Life grows big, hardy and strong in Washington. It truly has been a self-sustaining place -that is when the volcano doesn’t blow up and kill everything.


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