Tech News Today Notes July 1 Notes: Facebook Research, Proton, Cornell,, Buy it Now, Home automation, Uber, Crowdfunded

Facebook is still under critical analysis for conducting the tests where they test our moods through post manipulation. The evidence that we agreed to the experiment is supposed to be found in the Terms of Service. However, Facebook didn’t specify the research wording until after they conducted the experiments. How can people agree to the terms when they are not present?

There are hundreds of Posts that are made by friends and family. However, not all of them can be entered into our Feeds. Facebook has created an algorithm to weed through posts we may not care to read so much. This practice has normally been going on for years, but they decided to tweak the formula a little bit for the experiment. You see about 300 of the thousands of posts.

Almost 700k people were manipulated @cashill

January 2012 occurred. Positive content in one group and negative content in another group by academic researchers.

1970s institutional review boards for weird science studies.

Which do people respond to more? Positive posts or negative ones?

Cornell University and other Academic Researchers took part in study. Facebook controlled the study.

Facebook published the findings in an academic journal for public to read it.

Facebook had a service called Edgerank. But then they pulled the name so people don’t talk about it so much.

It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.

Move fast and break things. Now Facebook is moving slower. You opt in to test programs. One feature lets Facebook listen to your environment noise while you are posting.

Twitter is experimenting with a new, Buy it Now feature for impulse buyers. There will be another button placed on the Twitter post from vendors that people can choose to tap and buy the product. more forward thinking. Apple wanted to buy it.

Make Tweets shoppable.

Twitter Financial: executive turnover high. Up only 241 million compared to Facebook 1.23 billion user increase.

People want super rapid minimalist message from Twitter.

Staples is struggling and decided to change their business approach. They want to target bigger spenders. Selling computers can more profitable than buying staples.

Story of connected home and how merchandisers are jumping on the bandwagon.

Home automation is now mainstream. It used to be for the rich.

It’s becoming cheaper and easier to do. Controlled by smart phones.

150 vendors for home automation. Security cameras are still becoming more popular.

Radio Shack should be home automation store.
Controversy about the Google Street View. People are complaining that their data is being taken by the Google Street View vehicles. Apparently, some rogue engineer built into the Street View program a feature that can capture WiFi signals. He collected passwords and login names.

Court turned down Google from lawsuit that accuses Google of spying. Another lawsuit will go through for Google. Its a unique case.

Home Wifi signals are being broadcast out of the homes and hitting whatever is on the street outside.

Denial of accountability by blaming rogue employee.

Physical walls aren’t there anymore.

China is still failing to pay minimum wages. They want to blame suppliers, but the corporations like Apple or Samsung that take the blame. China is still making progress at least.

China works their laborers to death. That is how so many iPhones make it to market. The business model in China is building houses near factories and put them on call.

China has worker scarcity.
PayPal freezes crowdfunded Proton because they aren’t sure if legal.

Proton out of Switzerland: end to end email encrypted. The only email that NSA can’t read.

Proton is backed by Harvard researchers.

We shouldn’t need government permission to encrypt our message.
Speaker system that doesn’t plug in wall. Powered by candle. Crowdfunded on Indiegogo. $225.
Uber offers rides on helicopters. From Long Island to the Hamptons. $2500 per ride to promote relationship with Uber.




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