Which Marketing Campaign is More Vile? Bandit Sign or SPAMMERS?

They seem to have the same goals in mind. They want to skirt ethical behavior and the law to get their sales message out to as many people as possible. Which method is more effective? I am undecided. They both are deviant methods to attract attention and draw in business to make money.

I think that SPAM is maybe  a little better than Bandit Signs. If you asked me 10 years ago, when SPAM was out of control, I would have preferred Bandit Signs. Now SPAM is exquisitely limited to Craigslist and email. The people who create SPAM need to change up their accounts frequently. This takes a lot of internet savvy.

Perhaps the distinction between SPAM and bandit signs are that it is a difference between wage classes. People with a better education can apply their phishing techniques to computer use. While people who use bandit sign tactics need to be a lot more physical. So, poor people will rely on Bandit Signs and rich people make SPAM.

Who do you have the money to hire? $8 an hour for someone to place Bandit Signs or $80 an hour to make and send SPAM? A lot of the consideration goes to what you believe you can profit from the venture. You can expect the SPAM to be a worldwide venture, limited to your spoken language. Whereas, the Bandit Sign is limited in geography.

Many people have tried to drive other people to a website through a Bandit Sign. How effective has this venture been for people. I have to wonder….


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