Tech News Today Podcast Notes June 30: Facebook Mood Study, Computer Generated Stories, Microsoft Smart Watch in October

Facebook using people like lab rats.

Google Now to the wrist is great for notifications. Tmobile accepts preorders for LGG and the products arrives July 16

Samsung gear live Screen looks bad in sunlight.

Moto 360 watch looks very bright. Might work better in sun.

Facebook used 689,000 users for a psychological study of mood on social media. They tweaked tenor of feeds in 2012. 2013 average user has 1500 items that show up in news feed, but Facebook only shows a fraction of the feeds. So they chose the feeds that could illicit a particular moods.

Why do it? Possible advertising ploy. Stimulate certain activities. We agreed to experiment because of the terms of service.

Is it right to tweak our news feeds in Facebook? You have to opt out of the apps and programs with. Have we been properly notified of the experiment?

We know what Facebook does, so shame on us.

Published study in college paper to see that positive posts help encourage more positive posts. People realized that the educational study was performed on Facebook and then spread the word.

Without reading the terms of service, you set yourself up for nasty stuff.


Computer generated stories that will cover company news reports.

How do computers write news stories? It takes special algorithms.

Its not about replacing reporters, just increase more stories by current reporters with earnings reports. Earnings stories tend to be a little too boring to write anyway.

Automated Insight has a radical vision for future: everyone will have their own personal story from the news. Sports stories may get automated.

Look forward to mishaps in journalism with the robots.

ARS Technica Google engineer director with Nexus program. Why would Google not want equipment managers to design skins?

Samsung touch whiz.

I don’t want to have to learn a new interface going from car to watch.

Android Chrome Chief Sundar Picheye.

Android 1 program

Android Silver program: run google android on it.

Fresh start for Android.

Google says no customization from the 3rd party companies. It all has to look like Google wishes. No stickers, no splash screens, nothing fancy.

OEM will stick close with the Android experience in their dev

Orkut is being pulled September 30. The alternative would be Google+.

People get upset with social networks not lasting more than 5 years. Orkut is an ugly Facebook clone 10 years ago. Brazilians loved Orkut.

Orkut is a trip back on memory lane with the old Facebook.

Google is clearly not abandoning Google+

Microsoft Smart Watch in October. Display on inside of wrist.

Solid Surface Pro 3.

Sensors in watch.

2 kinds of smart watch: band type and watch interface.



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