Holiday Seasons are a Way to Condition Us for Hunting Seasons

If the government can condition us to find joy in the Holiday Seasons, then why not also use that spirit for hunting and fishing as well? It’s not easy to train a hunter in conservation when all they want to do is stalk and kill.  Holidays are positive enforcement that can help associate a day or period of time with something festive. The hunter/fisher grows up, as a child, learning to look forward to certain times of the year. They learn these days are more special than other ones.

Not every day can be special day, though. It’s just like not every day can be a hunting or fishing day for whatever you want. The special days have to coordinate effectively with the hunting or fishing season. For example: Thanksgiving is for Deer Hunting. Or, New years day marks to end of Crab Season. Also, Easter is when we can start hunting rabbits -I think.

There are consequences for not obeying the Holiday Season too. Loved ones will shame and guilt you for failing to observe the Holidays. Do you really want to isolate yourself from your own family? Most people do not. But this is the Patriotic family responding to their governments wishes to celebrate along with everyone else. Many people are happy to have National celebrations are will cheerlead the efforts, no matter what the true motive is, which in this case is for aligning with Hunting Seasons.

The penalties are much more severe for failing to follow Hunting Seasons. People have been put into prison for killing the wrong animals. It’s considered murder off-season, but perfectly legal in season. You can make it comparable to it being in the military where it’s legal to kill another human, but outside of the military, it is illegal to kill people.


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