Hawthorne and Service Berries are two Excellent Heart Relaxers; Here is my heart health remedy

You could also add cayenne pepper to the mix to add a different and beneficial ingredient to your heart formula. When you can use different herbs to target the same organ, you are on the right path for good therapy.

Each of these herbs are red, which according to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is good for the heart. Look at your natural food colors and you get a good idea what they do for the organs in your body. If you think about it, these plants want your heart to be strong so that you can travel many miles and distribute their seeds far away.

The nut trees don’t care as much about wide distribution, because they are eaten anyway and their fertility is digested instead. The nut trees have to rely on the squirrels and other creatures to bury them for the winter.


I notice there are very few hawthorne trees in Wisconsin, but there are a lot of oaks. In turn, in Washington, there are a lot of hawthorne trees but very few oak. The wildlife is a strong influence on how well trees can thrive. There are a lot of berry eating birds in Washington year round, but not so much in Wisconsin. In turn, there are a lot of squirrels in Wisconsin. It’s a trade off in climates.


My experience with hawthorne berries has always been good. They relax my heart noticeably when I consume them. No matter how healthy I feel, I can still feel a slight drop in the pressure around my heart. The doctors have told me I am healthy, I just feel a physiological effect from the phytochemicals.

I would not go so far as to consume hawthorne every day. It’s best to cycle it with other herbs over the course of a week. So, if you are having heart troubles, take a different herb each day. Each different phytochemical will stretch, pull, squeeze, relax and manipulate your heart back into good health in no time.

My week of heart herbs can include (depending on what’s available): 1. hawthorne 2. schizandra, 3. cayenne, 4. grapes (plus seed), 5. pomegranate, 6. strawberries, cherries raspberries (any of the red berries).

Of course there are other different kinds of circulatory support herbs like ginger.  But, not every herb is the right choice for whatever heart condition you are suffering at the time. For further guidance, seek an Acupuncturist.


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