Summers WI: Hot, Humid WA: Warm, Dry / Winters WI Very Cold, Very Dry WA: Cool, Moist

Northern West Coast weather is amazing. When it rains in the summer, a lot of times it feels like a mist. The mist is nice and cooling and can be a relief from the hottest days.

When the clouds lift, the air quickly dries out. You will have little, if any sweat to wipe away from your brows. Even when the temperature reaches close to 90, your clothes generally stay nice and dry. The climate becomes surprisingly arid. It is quite in contrast to Wisconsin weather.

When Summer arrives in Wisconsin, and the temperatures approach the 80s, you feel a lot of moisture in your clothes and throughout your body -even your socks. It makes you feel dirty and like you have to constantly clean yourself. But really what it is, is that high humidity causing you to collect a lot of moisture on your body. It’s very hard to feel dry under these conditions, unless you are in a home that has a good dehumidifier.

Moisture problems develop for Western Washington in the winter. I had some clothes get very moldy in my car within a month of not being touched. My inside car windows fog up significantly and it’s very hard to wipe them dry.

Winter time in Wisconsin is very dry. Your skin feels hard and scaly. You will flake more. The temps drop significantly with the dry air and make the dryness even more unbearable. Without a humidifier, it feels very hard to breathe in that dry air. The tissue in the inner lining of my nose cracks, releasing cakes of blood. Every winter, in Wisconsin, I blew larger and larger blotches of blood into tissue papers. It was very frustrating and there was nothing I could do about it except move.

In conclusion:
Wisconsin Winters: very chilly and very dry
Washington Winters: mildly chilly, and wet

Wisconsin Summers: very hot and very high humidity.
Washington Summers: mildly hot, and mostly dry



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