Politicians Support the Newest Voting Tech, But Ignore Secondary Levels of Government.

As we can rate each other on various websites, fund projects, discuss ideas, and much more on the Internet, how is the government still maintaining a clear distance from all the changes. Of course, not all politicians are avoiding the Internet, but they are fairly easy to learn when votes count.

The bigger problem are the government institutions that are clueless what to do with the Social tech still. Many are still hard to reach and still require paperwork instead of digital records. For example, the DMV is woefully behind the tech changes. They still ask to see a piece of paper because it looks more “official”. They still manually perform a lot of tasks that could be automated.

I recently have been having trouble trying to get another paper Title for my car so I can get Washington plates. They require paperwork to surf through the snail mail system. Because there has been a lot of miscommunication, I have been grounded for over 2 weeks while waiting for the paperwork. It has been very frustrating.

I used General Delivery in Raymond, but since the Wisconsin DMV didn’t write in General Delivery, my letter was rejected and sent back to DMW. I had to email everybody to finally get an answer. I sent them this:

Now I am still waiting on my car Title. I feel that I should be able to have them forward an email to the South Bend Auditor in Washington and that could save me 2 weeks. But they don’t operate that way. Also, since no one is elected into any offices there, you can’t vote any of the out for incompetency. It’s this secondary government that has been the slowest to change.

When it comes to voting, the politicians have always embraced the newest technology, but any supportive tech behind the scenes that isn’t affected by votes, tends to lag. The DMV is a clear example.


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