Can a Vegetable Plant Completely Replace the Egg?

Many who try don’t succeed and go out of business. I find it amazing how so many food companies are so sure they have the best choices for people without diversifying themselves. It’s very psychopathic to carry so much confidence in one kind of food.

I was listening to the This Week in Startups about a food manufacturer who thinks they can replace the egg. Jason tried some of the alternatives choices in a taste test, and found that they taste good. Then he starts praising the business owner for all the good work he was doing (Hampton Creek Foods).

All I can think while listening is that those yellow peas he has been relying on could suffer a blight and be destroyed at any time. To completely abandon the chicken is ridiculous and foolish to consider. Its all a market competition for people to say they are the leaders and best choices for us.

Jason Calachinas sets the tone at the beginning of each of his podcasts. He says that he has the most interesting business owner to talk to, ever. Then when he rolls into a commercial, he makes more comments about how fantastic his interview is going. I am stunned that he talks like such a robot about his interviews.

Either way, the logic is flawed that just because a cow farts, they are destroying the planet. People want to do away with animals and continue to expand and pollute more of the planet. Think about it, we want to reduce the animal population so they don’t have to suffer anymore. In turn, we will allow the human population to expand.

Also, we want to save the endangered animals as well. There is a huge numbers game that people are trying to run here which isn’t adding up correctly. Using this faulty logic in a sales pitch is only showing how questionable the information is. Are we supposed to assume that reducing farm animal numbers will contribute to increased endangered animal numbers? Its not the farm animals that are driving endangered animals to extinction.

If you truly care about helping the environment, then make farming more of an open garden for everyone to participate in. I think more decorative trees need to be replaced with fruit and nut trees. Why aren’t there more small farms in the area. Why can’t I set up a little garden in the park?

That is because the food manufacturers want complete control over what enters my mouth, that’s all. They claim their faulty logic of why they are the best. They say their way is the only way to follow for sustainability. And they want to take the power of farming out of our hands and charge us the maximum price possible for their food. It never used to be like this in the past. What happened?

I sit here homeless in my car trying to conserve my diet so that I don’t spend more than the $189 dollar allotted to me for Food Stamps. Each month, the price of food goes up and each month I have to eat even less. I don’t appreciate the system, but there are too many laws regarding where I can plant a garden, when I can fish and hunt and where I can take a shit.

The system is broken, yet I’m at a loss because most people still love it for some reason. That’s what happens when people have the upper hand, they thumb their noses down on people who are struggling to survive.


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