A Cryptic Awakening and Subsequent Sleep

Why is my skin hanging like a blanket draped over the pole? I wondered. There appears to be a pool of blood trickling below it. It doesn’t look very neatly folded either. It’s like it was hastily thrown up there as if someone had simply tossed it out of the way in a heap to get it off the floor.

I craned my eyes around a very sickly room, as my neck felt very stiff. I could see various body parts strewn throughout. A torso stood propped up on a desk, with its center looking very hollow. The rib cage and meat were showing and looked very splotchy and messy.

Laying on each side of the torso were bloody stumps that looked like arms. Only they were just the sinew and bone. I could see each individual bone joint in the hands quite clearly. They were gnarled and curled in a way like they looked like they were trying to hold something.

My eyes darted around this wooden and dusty room trying to make sense of what I was seeing. I could see what looked liked a heart sitting in a jar of liquid. The water look very clear and the heart looked well sculpted and lifeless. Next to that jar were other jars filled with what appeared to be more organs. They all soaked in more clear liquid.

Why did some body parts look like they were paid careful special attention while others looked carelessly thrown about the room? Two leg stumps lay one top of the other in an X shape on the floor. There was a wide pool of red and clear water that lay around them.

My head hurt, trying to take in all the information as best I could. No matter how hard I tried to swing my head, it wouldn’t move. I could only look a little bit down, a little bit to the sides and a little bit above me. I tried to look at my nose, but nothing was there. Everything before me was like a big picture I could only move my eyes around to see.

The smell was thick with pungency, even though, when I instinctually tried to breathe in, no air moved. I wanted to yell, but it was either the fear that prevented me or my muscle stiffness that prevented it. The pain in my head quickly drained away, which was followed by a very dark peace. Maybe when I wake from this dreamy state, I can figure it out.


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