The “I Killed a Man” Video, and “Because I Said I Would” Cards in More Detail Here

The aftermath of the “I Killed a Man” video was pretty strong. I never heard about it until I saw the 9Gag post by the videographer who filmed the confession. I made a little video of the infographic here:

The 22 year old man (Matthew Cordle) ran over a 60 year old man (Vince Canzani) who was a pedestrian. It may have amounted to a Hit and Run, while under the influence of alcohol. The incident, I believe, happened somewhere in Ohio. Apparently, the police were investigating Mat at the time he made his video confession. Some people suspect that the video was a promotion for the “Because I said I would” cards. Or maybe Matt was trying to get a reduced sentence or get better positioning to do some public speaking engagements when he is released.

If you watch the other videos about the circumstances, you will notice various bits of interesting information.

-The judge could have imposed the full 8 year sentence to prison, but only gave 6 1/2.

-The “I killed a man” video garnered over 2 million hits on Youtube within 10 days of publishing.

-The channel is called, because I said I would. He is promoting an amazingly brilliant and simple promise card. You can see that he can garner a lot of views for his channel without having a large subscription base. The media loves him. ——————————————- Here is another 9gag infographic about death that I videofied:




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