Tech News Today Notes, June 27: Android Watch, Moto 360, Verizon contract, Walmart iPhones, Google Project Tango, Rewalk Exoskeleton

LG Watch and Samsung Gear Life:
You lift your hand to your mouth, speak into watch, and give it instructions. Sometimes you can accidentally touch display and give it instructions that you didn’t intend to.

Android Wear Watch: $200

Moto 360: Circular and bulky.

The watches are stripped down to bare minimum for messaging. They are perfect for Google Now. The software will read your email and tell you if you have any appointments or what time your flight is.

The watches are more contextually aware..

Many bad reactions to Google Glass, such as the labeling of Glass Holes. But the Android Watch may have a better chance of being accepted by the cool kids.
German government cancelled Verizon contract because of the revelation about NSA. Chancellor Merkel found out she was being monitored, didn’t like it, and complained to the US. She didn’t get the response she was looking for. Germany loves their privacy and and will raise issues about it when they feel like their personal lives are being invaded.

There was an debate about Google Street View in 2010. The Germans were given the option to have their homes blurred in the images if they wanted to.

People tend to be conformists when they know they are being surveilled.
WalMart is permanently changing their prices on iPhones.
IPhone 5 16GB is $29; 5S is $199 — with a 2 year contract.

Walmart may be dwindling their iPhone stock in preparation for new iPhone 6.
Google Project Tango Tablet

Window into virtual space.

Next 3 to 5 years will be a Google world.

Google is more open than Apple.

Google said that Developers determine where Tech goes.

Matrix or duplicate world is being mapped with satellite.
FDA approved Rewalk Exoskeleton: Disability Center. Paraplegics will walk.

Exoskeletons to carry humans in hospital to make nurse job easier. Or used in military by soldiers.

200,000 people with spinal injuries across US.
Lawsuit in Netherlands over selling used ebook.
Can only watermark and resell once.
Dutch Publishers Assoc. Suing the ebook reseller.



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