Tech News Today June 26 Notes: Android Wear, Women’s Equality, Android Auto, Home Automation, LGG Watch, Samsung Gear Live, L version

Sundar Pitay says there are 1000 women at conference.

It takes a village to raise an engineer.

Google products

Android Wear was star of the show
Samsung Gear Live: focused as notification hub, swiping and scrolling
LGG Watch: sensors record steps, Samsung has heart rate monitor.

Need to be glance able, contextual. Ext. of Google Now.

Information overload can be a problem.

Android Auto: messages, audio, navigation
Messages and audio are open to developers, but not maps. Google Maps is protected.

L version of Android. Why not name it yet?
Android TV: another attempt to get Google TV right. ->went back to labs and came out with Chromecast.

5-button navigation

Getting away from typing and go to voice control.

Wearables are an attempt to organize.

Aereo were 2 years old, in 11 cities: rebroadcasting
Cloud storage didn’t violate copyright
Guts of business was antennae

Apple is also into home automation

Looking at Home Automation Battlefield among major tech companies.



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