Why Being an Asshole is Useful for Society.

I am constantly being called an asshole by strangers, friends and family. I may as well have a tattoo on my face letting people know right away that I am. Although, if you study Chinese Face Reading you can read that I do have asshole traits. It’s up to you how you eventually figure it out though.

Jerks are a necessary part of society. They are not essential, but certainly have beneficial aspects that help keep the peace or balance out society and culture. They tend to see things in a different way that can contribute to more diversity. To maintain a thriving community, you need that diversity in creativity.

Of course, being an asshole fits into certain professions better than others. You don’t want an asshole in customer service, but an asshole cop can really serve a good purpose. That is why assholes are helpful. Oftentimes, they are misused or misplaced and may be a little more of a burden to society. You just have to guide them into a profession that best suits them.

When I joined the Air Force in 1995, I was already a well-known asshole before that, in my High School years. I was able to carry those traits with me into my Security Forces job, where I was paid to be an asshole to people. I didn’t mind it. It felt naturally to make other people’s lives awful at times. Although, it was nice to balance out helping people too, at times. Not even the worst assholes can stand being the asshole all the time.

One good example of my natural asshole traits being a positive benefit was highlighted during one day on Gate #3 Guard Duty for an Air Base. There was this black lady who acted very friendly, she waved, she smiled, she said many pleasantries and people seemed to like her. In fact, the Gate Guards seemed to like her so much that they stopped checking her pass to get on base. But I saw through all that pleasantry.

I stopped her and actually looked at her pass. Her good natured behavior didn’t phase me one bit. She was no longer authorized to work on base and I turned her away. Either that or she got a new pass and went to work, I forget.

Later, my supervisor congratulated me for being an asshole. It served a good purpose. That is the lesson here, that assholes have an agenda of achieving different outcomes that can be beneficial for society. They may never win popularity contests, but not everybody does. The asshole can work effectively behind the scenes and help steer culture in an effective and positive direction.


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