Let’s Compare Washington to Wisconsin; Weather, Bugs, Birds, and Trees Make the Difference

I can’t help but notice stark contrasts between the climates. They are just as far north as each other, but very different in their feels and conditions. It may be like trying to compare night to day, but I will do my best. First, let me say that I am very familiar with Wisconsin as I have spent many years there. I have only spent 6 months in Washington, so I don’t completely know what it’s like year round.

I spent many years around the northern part of Wisconsin, such as Rice Lake (Hometown), Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls. It is a very harsh climate to deal with. The winters get bitterly cold and summers get unbearably hot. Rarely would you find any stability in the climate pattern there. I was homeless for a year there and closely experienced every day outside. I only noticed a period of 1 week where the weather felt stable in the 60s. I believe that was some time in June 2013. But, that is a rare occasion that the weather can maintain any kind of stability.

In contrast, the weather in Washington is completely stable. I can’t recall a time when it felt very unstable. There were some small dips in the winter when it dropped a little below 20 degrees in February. But it still fell at a slow, gradual pace. In Wisconsin, the temps will dramatic drop 30 degrees in a 24 hour period. Whereas, Washington might take more like 3 or 4 days to fluctuate that much, which would be very rare anyway.



As you can see by the weather patterns here that the Rice Lake weather is unbearably hot, while Raymond is nice and cool. It has been like this for many weeks and will only show a wider margin of difference as we approach July and August. I made a previous blog comparing the two states in January.

Comparing Winter Weather Here

Let me add another dimension to my arguments between the two W’s. I haven’t seen any ticks in the Washington woods. Whereas in Wisconsin, I get covered in ticks in June. I remember walking through a field once and had to pull over 20 ticks off when I got out. Talk about that feeling of creepy crawly bug hiding in your clothes and waiting to burrow into your skin. I actually had one sunk into my dick when I went to pee once. They are awful in Wisconsin. It is very hard to enjoy the outdoors, especially the woods in Wisconsin because of the ticks.

There are virtually no ticks in Washington.

Ticks are not the only blood suckers that are a problem in Wisconsin. You also have the mosquitos. These blood suckers come out in droves. Living homeless is a terrible experience in Wisconsin because the mosquitos send you running for cover at night. They are extremely numerous and aggressive. I needed to run to my car for cover from them.

There is barely a mosquito in sight in Washington.

Horse flies and deer flies get so bad in Wisconsin that I find myself playing games with them to get away. They are like Tie Fighters, from Star Wars and usually make solo attacks. But, there are many times when they are bunched together in pockets and really make life awful. I once rode my bicycle from Rice Lake to Haugen and no matter what speed I went, they were able to effectively land on the back of my head. Do you know how unnerving it is when bloodsuckers land on your head or even your face?

Washington has no horse flies or deer flies.

Gnats were a terrible problem in Eau Claire in certain pockets. I have no idea why.

No gnats in Washington, or barely any.

Ants are everywhere in Wisconsin. You can’t lay down anywhere without them crawling on you. There are ant mounds all over the place. They are always very visible in sidewalks. I always found myself kicking fresh ant mounds. You notice different varieties of ants in Wisconsin too. There are big black ants, regular black ants, fire ants and so on. They all will bite too. I have certainly been bitten in the past.

Barely any ants in Washington

Wasps get really bad in August and September in Wisconsin.

Barely any wasps in Washington


I think part of the reason that the bugs haven’t gotten a foothold in Washington is largely because this awesome weather has been very comfortable to birds. You can hear song birds every where. There are all kinds of pretty birds. They eat anything and are constantly on the prowl for something to eat.

Since the bugs overwinter better than birds in Wisconsin, especially when the temperature dips to -40 degrees and kills off the birds. You can guess that the only threat to bugs is greatly reduced because of the terrible winter. I think the Polar vortex probably made things even worse in Wisconsin too.


If you look at old lumberjack pictures and compare Wisconsin to Washington, you can see a large difference between the size of trees.

This is normal for Washington


This is normal for Wisconsin


The climate is so harsh in Wisconsin that even the trees struggled to grow very large.


Because of the relaxed environment of Washington, everything is able to live a very relaxed life and grow fat. With fat I mean strong.

In conclusion: Washington is better

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