Debate: Search Phrase vs Search Word

Now that search is becoming more SEO unfriendly and social, we have to look at other ways to attract interest from people. It turns out that tons of backlinks, hyperlink, twistlinks and turnlinks got too combersome to deal with. If the article is bad and no one wants to read, it’s not fair that it can constantly be revived through tricky SEO techniques. Good SEO doesn’t make you a good publisher. Google and Bing have learned that.

Now, with the emergence of content marketing, people are forced to focus more on trying to be informative, entertaining and creative. But even with a great article you still can’t always sell that article effectively to the mass public. Instead you need a good marketing strategy. But don’t bother wasting your time and money on SEO Experts. They have become dinosaurs in the long age of the internet. You will more likely want to talk with search engine strategists.

You will want to think about the words and phrases that people use to find your article. Ofcourse, you can reach your subscribers easily and quickly. You also have Twitter where you can reach people the instant you post your article. But what about a year from now? Do you want people to be able to see what you wrote then? Most likely you do.

Search words can change over time. It’s comparable to the Dodo bird. Some words just die off, while others can emerge like wildfire. That is comparable to introducing frogs to Australia. They went viral. If you feel that your article can be relevant from year to year, then you may want to look at the relevant search words and phrases for that time of year.

Which will get more peoples attentions though? Search words? Search phrases? Keywords? or Search Query? The answer depends on the topic. You really have to get familiar with the culture of the reader. You need great timing. What is it about a particular activity that really drives people to find out more about it? You need to dig for information that can be useful for generation hits.

Now, I’m no search expert, but I do have some theories that might help guide you to creating better search terms. For example, if you wrote something about chickens. You could type that word into Google search to find other phrases that are relevant: chicken breast recipes, or anything that has to do with food preparation. You know, part of the problem with your own search bar is that Google is learning who you are and trying to make everything sound more relevant to your interests. So your search phrases might end up being different from someone elses. In other words, a New York citizens search phrases can very well be different from someone in LA. You would even get a much wider difference between English spoken in the US and spoken in England.

In conclusion, you need to do some research into the types of search phrases that people may use for your topic. The search phrases are more like a combination lock.  If the combination lock only has one word, that can be fairly easy to find. But if it’s two words, it sounds becomes much more difficult. Three words is very hard. If you use three words that everybody is typing into their computer, you just hit the jackpot for attention.

This strategy is to get you the most amount of views as possible. But, you also want to get the right type of views that pay off. That is another topic and it’s called, Contextual advertising I suggest looking into that a little further.



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