Washington is A Raspberry State; I Can Find at Least 6 Different Varieties Growing in the Wild

With the ample rain for the area, the berries can thrive and multiply. There are many places where the thorny vines are very thick. They seem to love the roadsides and trails a lot. They can certainly offer a lot of bounty in the summertime to passersby. That is, unless the birds get to them first. The birds are the primary animal that spread the berry seeds. But. it’s the bugs or bees that first pollinate the berries. So the bugs eat the nectar from the flowers.

Hummingbirds also consume nectar, but the raspberry flowers may not be suitable for the jittery winged birds. Then, later the birds consume the berries. Or maybe some insects also eat the berries. I’m not sure. I certainly will eat what they miss, regardless. When I would walk and bicycle around Wisconsin, very rarely did I find any berries. I was ecstatic when I could find a plentiful bush. The raspberries are few and far between. Many times, when I come across a raspberry bush in Wisconsin, it tends to be very dehydrated and sparse. The berries really struggle under the intense heat of the summer time. That isn’t at all the case in Washington. The berries really do a lot better in Washington. Where I am, in Raymond, I can find thousands of them in the process of blooming. It is quite exciting to watch taking place. I am delighted just typing about all the berries right now. Just as berries are popular in the Southwestern portion of the state, they also are very popular in the Northwestern part as well. There is an area called the berry capital. It is just west of Lynden, WA and you will find miles of raspberries. Although, they are in a concentrated area. I think this large and tight plot of berry land is highly professional.

Many people ask to have the raspberry and blackberry vines removed. They call them a nuisance. I certainly have gotten scratched and poked till I bleed many times by the thorns. The stems tend to be very strong. The needles tend to be razor sharp. It’s very hard to grab a good spot on a blackberry vine to move it. The berry bushes make a great fence line. No large animal can run through the vine without taking lots of damage. You would need some kind of special shield to walk through a berry patch. Because any kind of cloth will get snagged by the bushes. I would encourage as many berry shrubs around as possible. They help poor people like me eat.


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