Tech News Today Google IO Conference Notes June 25: Android 1, Dynamic Design, Ripple Touch, Verbal App, Android Auto

Developers Conference

Google Island Lollipop Leechee / Google Now

Google Fit: FDA killed it.

Home automation.

Tag line: every little bit matters.

Moto 360

Google Cloud Google Play
1 billion active users of Android
93 million selfies per day
27 billion messages per day last year.
62% market share of tablets
Android 1 is new features phone
Open SDK
5000 new APIs
Pixels have depth, not just color: dynamic design
Bring 3d back to phone
Baseline grids
Robota System
New Material Theme
Ripple Touch: feels more responsive
L material touch effect/Heads up notification
Personal Locket
27 million ->300 million user mobile in 1 year
Mobile Chrome 60 FPS GPU acceleration
Flip between apps like its a browser
Rediscover content in apps, get back to it.
Qualcomm working on 64 bit GPU
Project Volta: Battery life saving project.
People check phones an average of 125 times per day.

Wearables, verbal apps
Order pizza from watch.
Recipes on watch. Timer on watch
LGG watch available to buy
Samsung Gear Live

25% of car accidents came from fumbling with phones.
Car mode on phone
Android Auto SDK

Android TV
Play apps on TV like Leo’s Fortune.
Chrome cast is like Google Cast
Chrome cast is $35

YouTube sees more activity on Chromecast
Mirror tech improved from mobile to TV (Airplay)
Google Cast SDK

Android Apps can be used on Chromebook. Shoot Vines on Chrome book.

Google wants to be in: your car, home, desk, TV, phone, pocket, wrist, face…..



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