How to Make Your Own Music for YouTube. Lessons From a Professional Homeless Musician

First, the easiest way that I know of is to own an iPad. Next you want to experiment with the different apps available. There are many and you could feel a little swamped by all the choices. You can look at other experts lists and see who is bias for a particular brand or not. There are many different opinions to sift. Try looking for commonalities among the opinions. It does take some time to figure out which app will make the best fit for your style of music.

I can tell you from experience, that it took me lots of time to look at what experts and opinionists were saying about the best way to make music.I had to factor in cost, value, time, ease of use, practicality, cool factor and many more. I came to the conclusion that I wanted the cheapest apps with the most value.

If I were to factor in the iPad for the cost of my mobile studio, I paid about $630 in all. But the iPad can do a lot of other useful things too besides music. I only take up a small portion of time using the iPad to make music. But you can’t ignore the cost of the iPad either, regardless.

Ok, for the apps, I paid $7 for GarageBand, which has been free at times too. I just didn’t see it when it was free. Next, I paid $7 for Drumjam. Lastly, I paid $7 for Thumbjam. These 3 apps are all I use. The variety may seem a little limited, but once you play with them, you will see there is a lot you can do.

Other apps that I bought or tried, but stopped using include: MagicPiano, LoopyHD, Audiobus, LiveFX, and other weird ones. Apps that I am not willing to buy include ones that cost over $50. These are grossly overvalued apps. People claim to like the very expensive apps, but I don’t have a budget for them anyway.

All you do is upload your songs to Soundcloud through the Garageband app and then download it to your computer. From there, you can add the song to your Windows Movie maker with the drag and drop feature. I like to turn the volume down a little bit so it doesn’t blast out of the speakers. Or I will choose the slow volume climb in the beginning to ease the volume in.



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