June 24 Tech News Today Notes: Nest Labs, Quirky Wink, Surface Pro 3, Nokia X2, Russia and Twitter Extremists, Oracle buys Micros

Google IO conference tomorrow -world glass

Nest Labs new program for learning thermostat.
Everyone has own platform.
To be center of ecosystem is competitive.
How does home automation get simpler than light switch?

Whirlpool: partners IFTT, Jawbone, Logictec
>about energy efficiency. Coordinate hot dryer. Timing of cost.
Google will support Nest Platform. Interface w/appliances by voice
All appliances talk to each other on one system.
Glass can give control with walking over to button.
Quirky Wink is similar: automation and brings together platform.
Be the giant and claim all developers rally around you.
“Expressed Interest” doesn’t mean much. Google may not act.

Google is comfortable with welcoming all different platforms. Multiple platforms.

Amazon Web Service, Microsoft Azure
Microsoft offers discount to Mac users. If you own a MacBook Air and want a Surface Pro 3, Microsoft will give you a $650 coupon, depending on the condition of the computer.

Reviewers: MacBook is still better than Surface 3.
Surface: keyboard is bad

Why offer discounts to people who will never take them? Apple users are loyal.

Lenovo is an alt to MacBook Air as well….
Microsoft selling Android Phone
Nokia X2 Middle of price range, slightly low at $35.
They can use the products as delivery system for their software.
It could be embarrassing if Android phone sells better than Windows Phone.
Russia asks Twitter to block extremists accounts. Twitter sent public policy chief to Russia to talk about policies. After meeting, Russia said that Twitter promised to block accounts, but that was not true.
Turkey had Twitter block accounts of extremists during elections.
Iraq: ISIS uses social media effectively. They used Whisper when Twitter shut down.

Canada courts ask that Google Search results worldwide: “Right to be Forgotten”.

Many countries push to not only censor within their own countries, but the world as well.

“Country without Content” rule.
Experimental Twitter feature can allow you to add your own comments on Retweets. It is a way to get around the 140 character limit.

Twitter tests many new features that never make it to market. Their goal is to appeal to mobile audience first, then Desktops.
Oracle acquisition of $5.3 billion for Microse, which is digital cash register.

Last Oracle purchase: Sun Micro Systems for $7.5 back in 2009

Oracle is #2 cloud market behind Salesforce

Amazon Fire phone is a digital cash register.

Because people use Best Buy as a showroom, could it be forced to partner with Amazon?



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