3 Separate People Attacked Me For a Blog or Video I Made About their Organization

I sometimes can say the wrong things. But I don’t even have a voice on the Internet, with the few people who bother to read my words. It’s impossible to compete against all the other attention that other people get. Yet, some people still believe that because anyone and everyone can read what you say, they will read my words.

Unfortunately, I have come across some upset people who put a lot of effort into digging up information on me. Its sad to me that they lose their focus on the bigger picture. They don’t understand that my influence is practically nonexistent. But that is what happens, and what has happened with some of my posts. Perhaps, I should learn from my mistakes and try to be more private, but I still don’t feel like I have anything to hide. I still don’t feel like I am a threat to anyone. I’m just a broke, homeless guy.

1. Audiobus /Loopy Creator:

When I made a video about my experiences with the Loopy app, I made it look bad. I didn’t like it and still don’t like it. But, the developer had to respond and tell me that I shouldn’t complain about his work on YouTube. He said I made no sense. I should have used the forums or something.

He made it sound like we may have talked with each other in the past. I think he might have mistaken me for someone else, I’m not sure. Either way, I was surprised how fast he responded to my video. How did he find out about my video? Does he do a search every day on the Internet about his app? I don’t understand.

2. Mayor of Hoquiam, WA
Blog Article

Here is a guy, I was told by the local librarian, who did a search for Hoquiam posts every day. He saw my post within hours, where I speak ill of his fair city. We never talked directly, but the librarian stopped me and told me that she knows me. Then she started telling me that she knows what I’m doing.

Apparently, the Mayor wasted no time figuring out who I was and where he could find me. I don’t make the search very hard. He alerted the police, and that very night, when the Internet closed down at 12 midnight at the library, I was in the parking lot. An officer pulled up and told me I have to keep moving along. He asked a lot of questions too. He asked the most weird questions out of all times I was harassed by cops.

3. Keep.com
Here is a company I am a little confused about. How did she find out so fast that I posted a video on YouTube about her business? She is supposed to be busy managing 60 people, well 59 after she fired me. I think her company might have a security team of some kind. I told her that I only changed the status of my video to Private.

Since, this is recent and I’m a little paranoid I will add that I got a fairly authentic email from Yahoo saying my email will be getting shut down. The timing is impeccable. She isn’t trying to send me a Trojan, is she? The circumstances are strange, but I guess I will need to be more careful around my computer.

I have another incident, in my home town of Rice Lake, WI where the Cops got involved with my complaining about the library policies. I made some blogs and already vented about it. I can’t explain what was going on with that one, because a lot of people seemed to be involved with making my homeless life extra hard. Let me just say, that my car/home was nearly impounded. So, I left to get away from the legal pressures coming down on me.

So, as you can see, I’m not making too many friends on the Internet, just like in real life. It’s certainly a lonely world out there. No matter how connected we get, some of us just have a chance to break up more relationships than ever now. Its all a little frustrating to deal with.



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