Which is More Agony? Overeating or Starving? The Food Stamp Program Fails

Ever since my Food Stamps ran out, on the 17th I have chosen not to spend my own money for food. I only have a couple hundred dollars to my name, and I really need to hold onto it for emergency purposes. I still haven’t secured any kind of permanent job and now, I’m facing a new challenge while finding a job, which is hunger.

It has been a couple days and I already feel a little lighter in my step. I don’t want to over-exert myself though, because that draws more hunger pains. I knew the pain would get bad, but trying to endure it in the moment is still very real. As I experience my gut pains, I write this blog. I don’t even want to think about food, as that will make the pain worse.

I read up on why the pain comes about. It is caused by the vagus nerve. So electrical impulses are communicated between the stomach and brain. The brain, upon starvation, will turn up the pain and aggression with the vagus nerve. I find myself looking at animals and wanting to kill them for food. Luckily, I can control some of the hunger pain with magnet therapy. I will rest a magnet over the stomach ares to soothe the pain a little bit.

But, the magnet cannot stop the agony or weakness that comes from starving.

I have to be a little thankful that its summer time. The warmer weather makes it easier to go for long stretches without food. I don’t use a lot of energy trying to keep myself warm. In the winter, I have to eat more to stay warm. I rely entirely on my body heat to get through the cold nights and some nights at 20 degrees, I remember it not being easy. Even with all my winter gear, I still struggled to keep warm enough at night. My face was the biggest challenge to keep warm.

But its warmer weather right now and I don’t have to burn as many calories to stay alive.

I do have a little food left in my car which I considered emergency food. I just ate a whole bunch of nutritional yeast, mixed with water, and that hurt my stomach a little. Then I peed gold a couple times already.

It doesn’t seem fair to me that Food Stamps are so low in funding. They should either have a Food Stamp program that can effectively feed us, or abandon it completely. This partial feeding program is a challenge to deal with. I don’t understand the real intentions of the government with it.

I have a problem overeating when the SNAP card renews and then I starve while waiting for it to renew the next month. I heard that in Aberdeen, the Soup Kitchen gets extra busy towards the end of the month. So, I can’t be the only one here who is having trouble budgeting the SNAP card. Other people run out early and then turn to a Soup Kitchen or Food Bank too.

I always turn away over half the Food Bank food choices. The majority of their products have too many added extracts. I get fat so quickly and easily from eating the additions. What is so important about adding extracts to all the food stuffs?

When I overeat, I feel a different kind of agony. But I don’t feel so guilty about it when I eat the right kinds of foods, such as those high in fiber and protein. If I eat anything else, then my agony is compounded. But there is a unique agony you suffer from with overeating that you can’t experience with starving. I’m not sure that I can say I prefer either or. They both are terrible. Keeping a balance is best.



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