I Was Fired Early From a Temporary Job. Its a 4 day job, and I was fired in 2 days.

I am a little shocked right now. I responded to a Taskrabbit job, was instantly hired and went to work. Then, about 5 hours into the job, I was told that I was revoked from the system and to turn in my hours. That was it. The job was supposed to run until Wednesday, and today is only Monday. What could have provoked my being banned from the temp job? YouTube.

After reading the terms of the employment agreement, I saw no information about needing to keep anything private. The employer hired 60 Taskers, all by herself, in a furious rush for such a short period of time. She later told me that she should have put in some do not share language. Somehow, she forgot to warn us about not sharing her tool with the public.

I thought the tool looked neat, but its nothing revolutionary. Since I have been making a lot of YouTube Vids, I didn’t see any harm in making a little vid to show what I was doing. It felt good to make a little money so I could eat normally for a few days. It looks like I’m back to starving myself more to save money until the next job. These kinds of opportunities are few and far between for me.



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