The Problem With Food Banks that can Never Be Solved

Food Banks will always have bad hours and terrible food choices. Food manufacturers have created the problem with their donated stock choices. People love to accuse the poor of passing on the free fruits and vegetables at the Food Bank. But much of the reason is because these free fruits and vegetables can be eaten only so much. Our natural appetites don’t desire fruits and vegetables. We can’t force that food down our guts if we don’t feel the desire to eat it. Unless the vegetables are coated in an addictive extract, only then can we eat it more than usual. But that will cause digestive issues further down the road.

No grocery store manager wants to deal directly with the Food Bank. Here are two reasons:

1. Because there’s no money in it.
2. They serve a class of people who are too poor for more expensive, luxury foods.

The Food Bank usually gets tucked away and hidden from view as best as it can be. They won’t have any bright flashy neon lights trying to attract people to it -not like a grocery store. You won’t see anybody trying to use sexy ads for people to go to a Food Bank. It’s an undesirable place to go and therefore will be marketed that way as well.

The majority of Food Banks get donations of expired foodstuffs from the grocery store. Why would these grocery stores not have a free section in their store instead? Because they don’t want to be associated with anything free. You will simply find food show up magically at the Food Bank without knowing where it came from. On top of that, the food tends to be near an expiration date, as well.

If you look at the history of Food Banks, they have taken a drastic pivotal change in America. I remember listening to a podcast called, “Hardcore History” by Dan Carlin who said that every so often the politicians would open up the grain banks to satisfy the citizens and gain favor in Rome. There would be free grains to pass around at times.

What happened to that free grain, or even meats? The food manufacturers started putting labels on their prepared foods. They used different production and storage techniques. It was considered experimental to Can foods at one time, but then became mainstream. All of a sudden people wanted more varieties of the canned foods and several industries were created out of the demand.

People just don’t grow gardens of grain. Even though it’s the grains that are our staples, the majority of people put grain production into the farmers hands instead. Why have we abandoned the grain gardens? Which, from a nutrition perspective, is the most ideal type of garden to grow. Let me add that corn still seems somewhat popular in gardens still, but it is also avoided and left mostly up to the farmers to grow.

People started feeling a sense of posh living and were searching for ways to separate themselves from beasts. The leaders who had the foresight to abandon old farming techniques in favor of habits for the new Industrial Age were key deciders in our cultural change. Just look at the media and how it bent and warped our worldly views on subjects. There were many publications that defined what it meant to be a public citizen and many healthy practices were actually abandoned in search of a new normal.

People were sold on futures that they thought they needed to prepare as quickly as possible form just look at the old ideas of what the future was supposed to be like now. Many 100 years ago thought we would be friends with the aliens from Mars by this time. The futurists were not living in the moment, detached themselves from reality and allowed marketers and swindlers to thwart the normal homesteading lifestyle of self-sustenance.

I think the Food Banks of 100 And 200 years ago are what inspired the grocery store chains of today. Many farmers needed a place to dump their extra grains and produce. The food manufacturers decided to cook the foods into something palatable and all these extra foods were stored at warehouses that people could frequent. With enough foot traffic, the building managers decided to start charging money. Before that they were unprofitable.

Compare the old Food Bank to an Internet website of today. All of these websites were unprofitable for many years. They simply offered their services for free without any advertisers even. People came and went as they pleased. But now many websites are turning a profit, like Facebook and things are getting a little competitive. They start increasing their demands from the customers. The websites push the customer as far as they can go with products.

Look at the free video games. You can play them for free as much as you like, for example with Path of Exile. But there is an option to buy designer armor or weapons that cost a little extra money. You keep coming back to the game, maybe get a little bored of it, but because you are so addicted and fixated, you become willing to pay for a unique upgrade.

The Food Banks used to be like that free website. People may barter and trade the storage and possibly food preparation skills. Before long, the managers saw that enough people became dependent upon and fixated with going to the grocery store almost every day. This turned into a successful capital venture that spawned a lot of variety from the basic food choices you normally saw. I bet cookbooks had a lot to do with modernizing grocery stores to the way they are now. It’s not exactly normal or natural to see the food choices available in the grocery stores. Where are the recipes and ingredients for preparing rabbit meat.

In 1913, when my great grand dad was a teen, he talked about going into town once a week to stock up on things. Imagine what it must have been like 200 years ago. Some people may have only gone into town once a year, if there was a town nearby.

In conclusion, Food Banks are not acceptable and have turned more into a Black Market for donations. They are like the ugly ducklings of grocery stores. Yet, the modern grocery stores spawned from Food Banks.


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