How Genuine Do You Think These Dog/Soldier Vids Are? Craigslist Discussion.

How genuine do you think these dog soldier vids Acumagnet >06/21 13:37:54


Aren’t dogs usually that excited every day? How long would someone have to be gone, for a minimum, to get a dog excited to reunite like that? Would a week be sufficient?


I think they are genuine reactions < scarface4 > 06/21 13:43:24

but you are right mine had the same reaction after a week long vacation. And they were staying with my parents who we were living with off and on so it wasn’t anything new. 


That does not surprise me at all < okgoaheadanddrink > 06/21 14:54:36

Heck I know dogs the people go away for the day and the dog reacts like that. Just depends on the connection and the dog. I sold my dog to a friend so he can compete. I couldn’t compete anymore. about 5 months later I showed up to watch him compete. And I arrived late and didn’t even get close to the dog. He was about to enter the field got wind of me and all bets were off. After about a 15 minute reunion he was able to compete but not after acting like a total clown jumping around like a 4 year old not seeing his mommy for a week. Never went to his trials again.


I have met some of my fosters dogs again < skinnydog >06/21 14:09:45

after a few months and they seem to approach me with caution and then they start wagging their tail faster and suddenly they seem to recognize me and get very excited. They might whine but they might not. 

That video could be real or just something the dog does all the time.


I remember I had a foster < Sama_Lama > 06/21 14:29:05

who we didn’t even have very long. She wasn’t my favorite dog but the owners would bring her into petsmart for training on the weekend when we were doing adoptions. They had to rush her past me because when she saw me she would get ridiculously excited, fall over and pee everywhere, even when she would see me a couple weekends in a row. Then I’ve had foster I had awhile snap at me when I saw them again so who knows which dogs will fall for you. 


When I came back from my deployment < LadyGamer > 06/21 14:11:20

It didn’t seem like my dog greeted me any different returning after seven months than if I had gone to the grocery store an hour ago lol. 


Depends on the dog < Sama_Lama > 06/21 14:23:24

My dogs react the same if i’m gone a week or an hour but Cozze would cry and cry and usually pee herself when she would see my mom after we moved out. We would have to do “reunions” outside because of that.
When my mom would come home from college her mom would tell her she had to come in the house like she still lived there so as not to excite her childhood dog who had a heart condition. She said at first Nikki (the dog) would act like it was any other day and then all of a sudden realize he hadn’t seen her in a long time and go berserk! 


I had a belgium Groendeal okgoaheadanddrink > 06/21 18:12:47

That was so attached to me that leaving him alone was next to impossible. I was actually in dog training school and just couldn’t bring him that day. The school was around 4 miles away. Well I was sitting in the office and about 15 minutes later comes Bilbo walking in like he belonged their. He yanked down the barrier and went through the window. And just strolled on down to school like it was perfectly normal. It took quite a long time to get him settled. But I was quite inventive. Turns out the one thing he wanted more then to be with me was to protect the house. So all I did was walk out the house and have a decoy walk in and yell and scream he got to bite a few times. And low and behold he thought if he just waited alittle while he get to bite a decoy. Worked out great.




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