Tech News Today: June 20 Notes Apple employees happy; Android wear; Graphene; US Congress shows no support for NSA; Surface Mini; Firefly

Microsoft Pro 3 came out
Apple announced multiple features for iWatch. It will ship in more than 1 size.

Watch has multiple configurations and 10 sensors.

Tracks activity, tethered, companion to iphone. It is called a watch just for the familiarity, because it’s more than a watch.

Tim Cook is on Nike board. The watch can reach multiple audiences with different apps and sensors: steps, heart rate.

Apple has never made a wearable device before.
Android Wear: Google launched features for Android wear, targeted for developers. Video is kind of boring. Focused on being an extension of Android.

Android and Apple are making wearable tech mainstream. Will give people a reason to wear watches.

Round face is better than square.

In the future: flexible displays, graphene tech.

iOS falling behind Android with some features.

Will there be a lot of people wearing smart watches a year from now?

US Congress cuts off funding for two bills

1. No more back door searching by NSA.
2. Stops requirement from CIA to have back doors for government spying on future products.

Surveillance in China is aimed at boosting their economy.

Many politicians don’t understand the new tech. They run on platforms that they are fighting terrorism with mass surveillance.

Microsoft Service Pro 3 User Guide: 4 times Surface Mini was mentioned.

(Vapor ware)

Microsoft Pro 3 and Mini were supposed to come out together.

CEO is more cautious than Ballmer was. Maybe Microsoft is getting their act together, although this blunder proves otherwise. But, they need to get their product right before putting it out there.

Perhaps they felt the market was saturated enough at this time for the Surface Mini.
New Kindle Fire announcement in Fall
New Apple announcements in the fall.

Gruber Podcast talked about how WwDC employees are happy at Apple. They used to be terrified of Steve Jobs.

Spaceship campus to be built at Apple.

Amazon Fire phone will harvest a lot of personal data. Firefly monitors songs, pics, records audio, GPS, hears TV and knows what you watch.

Dynamic Perspective: perfect system to always know when face is in view: unlimited cloud storage.

Amazon silk browser caches all webpages on ISP to harvest more data than cookies ever could.

Amazon will know your browsing habits. Zip code will show your economic status. Amazon gets a free ride from scrutiny with their surveillance of its customers.

Amazon is very secretive about their business practices.

Amazon was the first to to show the customized search algorithm they made suggestions of what other products you might like.

Google Glass got more ribbing by professional comedians about their privacy invasion hardware. But Fire Phone is more invasive.

Privacy is dead.



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