Tech news today June 19 Notes; Fire Phone; Snappy TV; Lego Fusion; Chelsea Handler; Aviate; Scribble; Ransomware; Slingshot; Snapchat

Blackberry reported profits. They were predicted to show a loss.

Amazon Fire Phone: Firefly: collection of image recognition. It recognizes sounds, does bar codes. Listen to song, push button, then buy it.

Dynamic Perspective: carrier agnosticism works. Phone is unique in that it recognizes things and its more sophisticated than other phones.

If I went to Best Buy I could look at a TV, scan the bar codes, and then buy it cheaper with Amazon. The Best Buy becomes more of a showroom.

Amazon goes nuts with API.

How will Apple respond? The Fire OS has a lot of potential and keeps users engaged.

Each company, like, Amazon and Google has its own ecosystem.

This phone scans your face. Amazon can learn about what kind of person you are.

Silk browser. Are they saving your face on their server? Amazon is very secretive.

Apple abandoned glass on back, whereas the Fire Phone will have glass

The Fire Phone: $199 for 32gig and $299 for 64 gigs
Twitter getting into distributing TV: Acquired Snappy TV; they have worked together in the past.

Why is TV important to Twitter? Live TV and Twitter work harmoniously. More advertisers. Twitter Amplify: promote tweets, sponsored by brands.

Anything that is above and beyond what TV can do, will work.

World Cup sponsored by McDonalds and Att.

No growth in Twitter: events are not enough to be profitable.

200 million users a few years ago, only up 250 now. Will Snappy tv make twitter more money?

Twitter is losing money every quarter.

Event tv that is live works best with Twitter.

LEGO Fusion: it’s very innovative with new technology. Not many other toy manufacturers have gotten on board with new tech changes. Lego is a private owned company.

Netflix getting deal with Chelsea Handler for late night talk show 2016. You can only see it on Netflix.

“Naked shower fight with Conan O’Brian.”

ZLauncher getting praise.
Aviate acquired by Yahoo.

Aviate: learns apps that you use throughout the day. Launch apps by drawing letter. Feature to draw is called Scribble.

Microsoft and Google say that their next phones will have kill switches which turn the phones into bricks. Apple installed kill switch and thefts down 19% so criminals stole more Android phones and thefts went up 40%. Once kill switches come in all new phones, crime should lower or deviate elsewhere.

Companies don’t need government laws to force them to build kill switches.


Interesting idea: for Facebook Slingshot, you could make a secure version of Snapchat.



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