Depression: Chemical Imbalance or Electrical Imbalance?

I think the electrical misfirings throughout the body cause chaos. Your chemical composition is influenced by the electrical charges. In turn, your electrical composition is influenced by chemical processes.

When you have depression, the first thing to do is target your electrical charges. There are several ways to target them. One of the most popular ways is through Acupuncture. The energy they manipulate is called Chi, but by the way they describe it, you can guess that its electricity.

I received about 15 sessions, off and on, of Acupuncture. I had a stomach disorder that needed relief. After trying many different options, including the Chiropractor, I found Acupuncture to be the best solution at the time.

While learning about Acupuncture throughout my treatments, I found they used magnet therapy as an alternative choice for some patients some times. Some children may be squeamish about needles, so better options needed to be present so they could help them.

I decided to play with Magnet Therapy for myself, because the Acupuncture wasn’t enough. My relief was only short term with the professionals. I got a little frustrated with having to show up by appointment to their office for treatments. When I needed relief, it had to be right away, not next week. This was also a frustration I had with doctors too. But the doctors short-sightedness also had me frustrated as well.

I found a lot of benefit with Magnet therapy. They are used to control electrical flow through electrical computers normally. The magnets balance out the speed a little bit and give the charge a limit range. But, for the body, there are other benefits, such as the magnetic effect on calcium ions in water.

One disorder I think magnets can really strongly help is bipolar disorder. The up and down ride of emotions occurs because of a lot of electrical misfirings. Magnets will instantly put control on the chaos and bring everything back to neutral. Many people may claim that magnets don’t work, but the reason for that is largely because their emotions were very neutral from the start. It’s the ones who are the most disturbed who actually get the most benefit.

If you have gotten dropped on your head as a baby, like I have a few times, you will know that your electrical grid is probably a little staticky. Your brain can the control mechanisms that a normal brain has. The electricity waits for no one either. It travels one speed, and that is fast. If you can’t get control over it, then a lot of psychological problems will manifest and show themselves.

If you choose drugs as your solution, the best you can hope for is that they either slow down or speed up the chemical firings in your body. But, drugs don’t balance out the electricity. So you will still have electrical misfirings, with drug therapy, and either a slowed down or sped up chemical digestive process. Either one is not in balance anyway.

Choose magnets over Ritalin.20140620-182401-66241653.jpg


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