The Best Fasting Diet Advice is: Run Out of Money.

I used to tell people to do things like park your car a mile away from where you live. That way you force yourself to walk more. But, if their car doesn’t break down, then they really don’t have the motivation to park so far away anyway.

I suggested to get rid of the fridge. That way, they would have less food in the house and within immediate reach for eating. In the old days, the pioneer settlers used to store a lot of food in cold caves. They needed to walk a little more for their frozen foods, if they even had any at all.

I would expound upon the need to eat mostly a high protein and fiber diet. I still believe this can help a lot, but once again, a person has to consciously make the choice for that kind of food. It’s not always a favorable choice for most.

Now that I find myself running out of money to the point where I have no emergency funds even, I think about fasting more frequently. I do feel slightly fat. I am normally over the average weight for my height. But I did develop a lot of strength from weightlifting from many years in the gym.

I always hated starving because it made me feel weak and vulnerable. But now I’m weak and vulnerable from just being poor. So starving isn’t quite as bad. In fact, if someone did try to kill me and I was too weak to defend myself, then that truly reflects the mantra, “survival of the fittest.” I was too weak for this world to really be a success.

In my younger weightlifting days a decade ago, I always thought about how all this weightlifting was such a waste of time and money. How I wish I could get those membership fees back now. I was fixated on weightlifting for many, many years. You could call me an addict. My addiction was largely supported by imagery and stories of other weight lifters who went on to do great things.

The weight lifters looked like real champions and I wanted to be like them. It all felt barbaric and real to me. I remember trying to be more practical about my weightlifting in my later 20s. I thought that if I’m going to keep this up, I need to support the lifestyle better. In other words, I needed to find more natural supplements. I didn’t want to rely on buying supplements from GNC. I needed to know how my ancestors kept up their strength.

So I started learning about medicinal herbs, particularly ones I could find in the forests. I wanted to know, if and when I ran out of money, if I could harvest anything for free. It turns out I can, but only small amounts and nothing that could reasonably last me 2 weeks to make up the difference in the Food Stamp shortage.

I would love to hunt for my food. I just read in Northwest Passage how they relied primarily on hunting to eat. Those type of days are long gone and we are forced to hunt seasonally now, which is very frustrating. I got so frustrated with all the laws for hunting that I don’t even bother with it now. Instead, I have to hunt for bargains at grocery stores.

Money has become absolutely essential thanks to the banks controlling how it works. They have done a great job dividing and conquering properties. They have fought hard for curfews and restrictions that force a person from living free from money. Everything in our lives now have some kind of financial cost. It never used to be that way before.

The bankers, ultimately have shaped our landscape with the flow of money. They became the central hub at which people do business. For many years, people relied on bartering and a system of favors. Bankers came in and said they would control the favors and put a cost to it. The bankers helped nurture regulations that promoted cost and price.

This is why I stand today trying to figure out how I can eat under this system. It is so heavily cost based that a person can go hungry without any money. I wonder how my ancestors would have thought of life today. No money? Not a problem, I will just go out and shoot something for breakfast. That’s the kind of life I need right now.



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